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Patriot Games x TJM

Season 2 now airing

Sundays on Channel 9

About The Show

From Cape York to Moab the Patriot Campers crew know how to test their gear.

Season One of Patriot Games sees Justin Montesalvo, owner of Patriot Campers, leading a hunting, fishing and overlanding RnD trip to Cape York and the launch of Patriot Campers into the USA gives Justin the chance to test his trailers in the wild, red rocks of the Moab desert in Utah.

Tommy and Justin are invited by Polaris Australia to race one of the toughest offroad races in the world and the Patriot Campers team shows the world how to build a Megatourer!

Patriot Games is an action-packed reality series that focuses on the adventures and family touring of the proudly Australian Made Patriot Campers.

Relive all the highlights from Season 1

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